Route3D plays back routes on a three dimensional moving map, showing each turn and change in elevation. Use it to preview or review your hiking, biking, climbing, or car trips. Switch between high detail topographic maps and aerial photography.

Route3D is currently available in the following editions:

Route3D World Street

Windows/Mac browser

Android direct phone link

Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

BlackBerry with OpenGL, such as Storm2

Java phone with OpenGL, such as Nokia N8, C6, C7, E7, N93, N95, N82, E90, 5800

Route3D Grand Canyon

Windows/Mac browser

Android direct phone link

Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch


Route3D Yosemite to Whitney

Windows/Mac browser

Android direct phone link

Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch


- Preloaded with routes.

- Elevation profile shows the ups and downs.

- Cache maps on mobile phone for off line access.

- Share your route with others via browser links.

Quick Start

Start Route3D by using one of the links above. Soon you will see a map.

Press the eject icon at the upper left corner of Route3D's screen to bring up the main menu. Press Help to display help on each of the icons and menu commands.

Click on the icons around the edges of the screen to scroll the map, tilt up and down, and zoom in and out. You can also scroll the map by dragging it.

Select Route from the main menu.

Select Open. Select one of the routes displayed.

Press Play. The route will animate. You can zoom in and out and alter the tilt while the route is playing.

Route Editing

Press the eject icon to bring up the main menu. Select Route. Select New. Route editing is now enabled.

Click the mouse on the route's start point. The blue cursor will move to that point and a red marker will appear. Click on the next point. The cursor will move there and another marker will appear.

Touch screens use a different method to create route points since finger presses are not that accurate. Position the blue cursor to the start of the route. Press the camera icon. Move the cursor to the next position. Press the camera icon again.

Press Play on the main menu. Your two step route will display. Continue adding points. When done, select menu Route... Save to save your route.

Extend your route up and down some hill. Press menu Route... Profile to see the elevation profile of your route.

Every time you save your route a web link version is also saved to the system clipboard. The link can be used by others to playback the route. You can paste the link directly into a browser or other program with Edit, Paste or Ctrl+V.


Route3D Off Trail


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